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Biblical Predictions of Future Events ă

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The Rapture.
Based on reports of the Scriptures, we believe that at the death of a believer, that person immediately enters the presence of the Lord and lives forever in eternal fellowship with Him and with other believers, waiting on the resurrection of their human body at the Rapture. We who die before the Rapture will be given a glorified body like the body Jesus now has, a body raised from the dead and glorified—that is, made able to live forever and be able to ascend and descend from the earth.  Won’t that be terrific.  About those who have not died in Christ by the time of the Rapture, those believer’s bodies will be changed into a glorified body and together (those raised and those changed) will meet the Lord in the air and go to a party in heaven called the Wedding Feast.  We believe the Rapture occurs before Jesus returns to earth as King, that He will come in a cloud and call up all who have believed since the time of His death and resurrection.  We who believe, at the sound of a trumpet and His voice saying “Come up here,” will be united in the cloud with Him. This is called “the Rapture.” We don't know when this will happen, but from that time on we will be with the Lord where ever He is or goes.  Through the Rapture, Jesus will accomplish another feat--that of removing believers from the Earth to protect us from the Tribulation Period that will immediately follow our Rapture.  (The Tribulation period will end with Armageddon.) [Top]

The Tribulation.
We believe that after the Rapture of the Church there will be a seven-year period called the Tribulation Period, “that day” or “the day of the Lord.” It will be the time that people have often referred to as “the end of the world,” but in which two things will occur: 

1.      The nations will be under deserved divine judgment, yet at the same time will have their final opportunity to acknowledge God as God and the Lord Messiah Jesus as the only Savior of the world. 

2.      A false messiah, accompanied by a false prophet doing signs and wonders, will come claiming to be God and will be competing with God for the worship of those remaining on the earth after the Church is removed.

We believe that after believers in Jesus Christ disappear from the earth (through the Rapture), the Antichrist will come pretending to be the Messiah that Israel is waiting for.  But the Antichrist will not bring a kingdom of peace, truth or justice.  What Antichrist will do to the earth is most likely what causes people to refer to this time period as the end of the world.  We can see that the world needs a savior, but Antichrist will only pretend to have come to help.  We believe the report of Scripture that the Antichrist will be very remarkable in some ways and that the whole world will be fascinated by him and many will fear and worship that man who will claim to be God (liar that he is). [Top]

The Antichrist and The Tribulation.
We believe that the Tribulation is a seven-year period during which Satan will have opportunity to try to be worshipped as God.  We believe the Tribulation period is a time when men and nations will clearly choose sides between God and Antichrist (who will be Satan's agent).  We believe that the Tribulation period is a period of warning judgments from God and opportunity for men to turn to God and receive His Son as Savior.   

We believe that the Tribulation Period will be next-to-the-last opportunity Satan has to rule the world openly, which he will do during the Tribulation by producing a person to rule in his name, a person who will claim to be the promised Messiah but is in fact the one we refer to as the Antichrist.  When Antichrist appears, his feet will NOT split the Mount of Olives!  We believe the Scripture that says that Antichrist and his false prophet will command that everyone must worship Antichrist as god or else be beheaded.  We believe Jesus’ prophesy that Antichrist’s prophet (a false prophet) will have worldwide economic power and will not allow anyone to buy or sell without receiving the mark of Antichrist (who for good reason is sometimes called, “the beast.”)  We believe that those honoring The Lord God and refusing the mark will not be allowed to buy or sell—meaning no food, no gasoline, no job, no health care, and when apprehended, no head.  We call that inappropriate use of power.  But those who refuse to bow down to Antichrist or receive his mark will do so because of their determined loyalty to Jesus, Yeshua, Isa, as their Savior, and will be killed for their faith, but will be received in heaven and rewarded for their love and loyalty to Jesus.  We also believe that Tribulation believers will also return with the Church when Messiah comes to defeat the Antichrist and establish true Messiah’s kingdom of truth and justice and peace. [Top]

Going Through the Tribulation—Serving Antichrist or Messiah.
We believe that Jesus Messiah would never build an image of himself or command anyone to bow down to such an image, or to bow to Him or die, as Antichrist will do.  We believe that the Antichrist will make a peace pact, but will break the peace in an effort to destroy Israel.  (We hope that you do not follow them, that you do not say, “We have no king but Caesar,” as Israel's leaders did sending the nation into exile for 2,000 years.)  We believe that the nations and individuals who survive the Tribulation by obeying the antichrist and his false prophet will not go on into the Millennial reign of the Lord Messiah Jesus, but will go straight to Hell when He judges the nations.  We believe that those who survive without receiving the mark of the beast (whether they have believed in Jesus as Savior and Messiah or not) will go into the Millennium and have further opportunity to believe.  We believe that all people from all time who have ever believed in Jesus, either as the promised Seed (before He was sent), or as the risen Savior and coming Messiah will be present during His Millennial kingdom reign. [Top]

Armageddon and Messiah’s Second Coming.
We believe that Jesus is the Messiah that Israel is waiting for.  We believe the initial reason for the second Coming of Jesus is to stop the Tribulation before all men are annihilated, to save the world from destruction by the Antichrist.  We believe that Jesus will visibly return from heaven, bringing His armies with Him—those armies being

—He will have armies (plural). 

We believe that Armageddon will be the attempt of Antichrist and rebellious men from all nations to block the Lord Jesus Messiah’s return to defeat them and reign as King of kings.  We believe that a word from His mouth is all He will need to be victorious.  We believe that the survivors of the Tribulation and Armageddon will be those who do not go to Armageddon. 

We believe that the Coming of true Messiah will be clearly recognizable in that when He arrives He will come from heaven and will stand on the Mount of Olives and the mount will split in half.  We believe the mount will spit BECAUSE the Creator, the Eternal God, the King of kings, the Judge of the Universe and the Nations has once more set foot on planet earth, this time to rule and reign. His coming will save Israel as a nation.   [Top]

The Millennium—His Kingdom Reign.
We believe the reason He is coming back is to establish that earthly kingdom promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David—to Israel.  We believe that during the Millennium, Jesus will be King of kings, there will be peace and justice, and there will be safety for young and old.  We believe that as adopted children of Abraham—we (though Raptured before His second coming) will participate in that earthly kingdom since He will bring us back to rule and reign with Him on earth as kings and priests.  We believe in both the heavenly and the earthly kingdom and that people in our day have a choice: two kingdoms, or maybe none. 

Judgment of the Nations; Treatment of Israel.
We believe that Jesus at His coming will judge the nations on the basis of how they treated the Jews and how they treated anyone who believed in Him during the Tribulation.  Those who survived and treated God’s people well will be the only ones whose lives will continue on into the Millennium. [Top]

We believe that Jesus Messiah will reign on earth for 1,000 years, from Jerusalem, as King of kings, and every knee will bow to Him.  King Jesus will be worshipped during the Millennium.  We believe the Scriptures that those who refuse to come to worship King Jesus will have no rain (quite different from the edicts of the false messiah). We understand and believe that under the reign of True Messiah Jesus, no one will be beheaded for refusing to worship and no one will be denied the right to buy or sell. [Top]  

The Church. Our Commission.
We believe that the Church is the kingdom of God, the heavenly kingdom, the Church, the body and Bride of Christ.  We believe that the church is made of individuals who from the time Jesus died and rose again to the time of the Rapture, have believed in Him as their Savior.  We are here to build each other up, equip each other, and give testimony to His love and grace assisting others in coming to know the Lord Jesus Messiah and follow Him.  We believe that we (the Church, all believers as defined herein, living and dead in Christ) will be leaving this earth together as a group at the Rapture when He comes in a cloud to remove us from this earth.  We believe that the Church will return with Jesus at the Second Coming and will rule and reign with Him as kings and priests during the Millennial reign of Jesus on earth.

God’s Love and Grace.
We believe that God loves everyone and does not want anyone to be separated from Him.  We believe that His love displays the grace of God.  We believe that God proved His love in that God, through the offering of His only-born Son, made the supreme sacrifice to overcome the awful impact of our sin—the judgment against us that justice rightly demands—eternal separation from God.  We believe that God knew that we are unable to save ourselves and wanted to be able to receive us, but needed a way to do that without violating His own true justice—He wanted to rightly bring us to Himself.  We believe that He resolved this Divine Issue by sending His Son to bear our penalty, and that He applies that payment to everyone who receives His Son as Savior, thus making the gain of you and me. [Top]

The Gospel.
We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is defined in I Corinthians 15:1-4, that Jesus died for our sins according to the Scripture and was buried and rose again according to the Scripture.  We believe that Jesus is the Light of the world.  We believe that those who love light and truth come to the Light and so by receiving Jesus choose eternal life with God who is Light.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” and "no one comes to the Father but by Me." [Top]

Salvation—Not By Individual Style.
Security of the Believer.
We believe that when Man sinned, God had a problem and He provided one solution.  We believe that the extreme cost to Him of that solution proves beyond doubt that no other solutions can arise from the ingenuity or design of man, and that no other solution will ever be accepted by God who gave His Son to die the death penalty for us.  We believe that when we open our heart to God’s Son (Jesus) as our Savior, that precious gift of the shed blood of Jesus Christ is applied to our own heart and we are cleansed fully and forever and are given eternal life.  We believe that at the very moment we gratefully receive Him as our own Savior all requirements for acceptance in Heaven are fully satisfied forever.  [Top] 

Man’s Goodness.
We believe that the goodness of man, which is partial, is inadequate to equal the glory of God who is entirely honest, perfect in integrity and completely truthful and faithful.  We believe that while good deeds can be well motivated, they still have no capacity for wiping out our sin.  We believe this because if there had been any other way to cleanse us from our sins—any way other than the atoning death of His beloved Son, we would have it because God loves His Son.  We believe that Jesus asked His Father three times if there was any other way, and there was not.  If we want to know God and be accepted in heaven, there is one way—through faith in Jesus as our atonement.  [Top]

Certainty.  Absolute Assurance.
We believe the only requirement of God is that we believe the report God gave of His Son.  We believe that there is nothing man can do to add to the effectiveness of the work of Jesus Christ or make us any more acceptable to God than we are at the moment we come to God through faith in Jesus Christ.   

We believe that any attempt to get God to accept us on any basis than or in addition to the blood of Jesus Christ is offensive to God.  We believe that God requires only that we believe that Jesus’ atoning sacrifice and resurrection, and that our believing and receiving Him, completely eliminates all charges against us forever because His blood perfectly cleanses us from all sin forever, and that eternal life is a free gift.  We believe this is true because this is not for our glory, but for the glory of Jesus who died for us and rose again.  We believe that “By Him all who believe are justified from all things.” KJV, Acts 13:39 

We believe that nothing in heaven or on earth can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, or us from Him because, believing we are positioned “in Christ Jesus” and are seated with Him at the right hand of the Father. — God in Jesus, Jesus in us, us in Jesus; that’s our eternal connection. [Top]

Heaven’s Passport.
We believe in the existence of Heaven.  We believe that heaven is God’s place and that God gets to say who goes there.  We believe that heaven is a real place, probably straight out from the North Star, the only fixed heavenly body in view of Earth. (Heaven’s location as mentioned here is conjecture, however Scripture reports that it is in “the sides of the North.”)  We believe that He is preparing a city for us called "the new Jerusalem." 

We believe that personal faith in Jesus as the Son of God and our only Savior is the only passport to Heaven and that faith in Jesus as Savior absolutely guarantees our acceptance in Heaven immediately at death or the Rapture—whichever comes first.  We believe that Jesus is the only person who can effectively intercede for us in heaven, and that He intercedes on the basis of His own blood and that He died to bear the penalty for all our sins and rose again to prove He had accomplished that.   

We believe that at death every believer goes immediately to heaven. (The body goes to the grave, but even that will be raised again and made immortal at the Rapture.) [Top]

We believe in the existence of Hell.  We believe that Hell is a place originally appointed only for the devil and his angels; but at the switch from God to Satan it became the place for all who follow Satan by rejecting God's Son. We believe that rejection of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice IS the single reason people go to Hell.  We believe that the offering of God’s own Son, to pay the penalty for the sin of anyone who would receive Jesus as Savior, proves the certainty of eternal separation from God for all who reject Jesus as Savior.  

We believe that sin will be addressed for those whose sins have not been cleansed and forgiven through faith in Jesus, and that addressing of sins will occur in Hell and in the Lake of Fire, which is a different place from Hell but a place to which all in Hell will surely go on Judgment Day.   [Top]

Hell Can Be Optional.
We believe that God does not want anyone to be going to Hell, therefore Jesus spoke often about the reality He came to protect us from—Hell itself.  We believe that God, through Jesus, provided an option to the Hell; there is choice and the choice is yours. 

Without Jesus, there is only Hell; with Jesus, there is a guaranteed and marvelous alternative.  We believe that those who prefer darkness rather than light—those who choose to cloak and deny their wrongdoing rather than acknowledging truth and their need of Him as their Savior, will experience darkness without hope and be forever separated from the source of all life and light.   [Top]

The Unforgivable Sin.
We believe that the worst sin, the unforgivable sin, is rejection of Jesus Christ—the sin of wasting the pain He suffered for you. We believe that condemnation for that sin is certain. 

We don't know who you are or what you have done. But we do know and believe that God loves you personally and individually, as much as He loves His own Son.  We can prove that to be true because God gave the life of His Son to save you, if you will have Him. 

If you have any questions or comments or want help choosing Jesus as your Savior, please e-mail us at feedback@smileback.net. Also see Life Is Like A Credit Card--Want a zero balance? To feel where Jesus was coming from when He gave His life for you, we suggest reading Important Gifts.



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Hell Can Be Optional

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